We complain a lot these days about how Hollywood is remaking movies they shouldn't be touching, or turning old television shows into movies we never asked for, but we forget about the atrocities committed back in the 1980s, before there was an internet for us to use to attack these ridiculous decisions and voice our concern. Back in the '80s, people created the worst made-for-TV sequels out of some of our most beloved comedies, for no other reason (it seems) than to make you cringe upon seeing some other random actor playing the same character you fell in love with back when guys like Tom Hanks and Steve Martin first brought them to life.

This was like the equivalent of a straight-to-DVD (or VHS) sequel, though the fact that it aired on television made it a lot easier for folks to be aware of its existence. In the case of The Jerk, Too, they shot this as a pilot for a TV series hoping it'd be picked up (according to our Twitter friend @geekgirldiva, who appears in the first five minutes of the movie), though it never was. One thing to note about The Jerk, Too, though, is that it further convinced me that Tom Hanks must have used the voice of Navin Johnson as an inspiration for the voice of Forrest Gump. Mark Blankfield (who replaced Steve Martin in The Jerk, Too) lays it on pretty thick, and it's almost impossible not to immediately think of Gump (watch a clip after the jump and you'll see what I mean).