X-Men: First ClassSomeone either really, really loves X-Men or really, really loves orphans, because over at CharityBuzz someone coughed up enough dough (which will be donated to the Worldwide Orphans Foundation) to win a walk-on part in X-Men: First Class. This honor's estimated retail value is $25 large, although the site doesn't say what the winning bid was.

As Elisabeth Rappe reported, Brian Singer will not be directing X-Men: First Class but will be producing, alongside Simon Kinberg and Lauren Shuler Donner. Fox wants to get a move on the prequel, but Singer will have his hands full with Jack the Giant Killer for Warner Bros. John Gholson speculated on some possible directors who could take over the X-Men ship, including the current B.O. titan Louis Leterrier. Of course, then the question would be whether or not your walk-on that you just paid a lot of money for would end up in blurry post-production 3D or not, causing migraines to your loved ones and strangers alike. Or you could just end up on the cutting room floor. Life doesn't come with guarantees, people.

I was browsing the other auctions, which include a walk-on for True Blood (estimated value: $10,000!) and 4 tickets to a taping of The Soup plus meeting Joel McHale (estimated value according to them $1,000; estimated value according to me: priceless!), and have to wonder who bids on these things. Is it like eBay for really rich people who don't know what to give as presents any more? Is this X-Men walk-on a bar mitzvah present? Who does this? Sure, it's for charity, but... yeah. I don't get it. At least spend your money on something really crazy, like a trip to outer space!

(via Gizmodo)
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