The Weinstein Company cannot catch a break these days. I think the only good bit of news they've received within the last year came by way of award nominations for Inglourious Basterds and even then their best film of 2009 only won a handful of the trophies it was up for. So what's the latest bad news to heap itself onto TWC's already heaving stockpile of bad news? They're getting sued by the studio who made Hoodwinked, the 2005 CGI-animated film that put a new spin on the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, for their failure to live up to contractual obligations for the sequel.

Variety is reporting that Kanbar Entertainment is taking up legal arms against TWC for delaying the release of Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil from its original date of January 15th to some indeterminate date in the future. Their suit further alleges that the distributor did not consult Kanbar in regards to release strategy nor did they respond to proposed changes to the sequel. And while all of that is dealing with issues that would have been contractually signed upon ahead of time, Kanbar has no legal recourse for the one part that most sting the most; the only reason these problems exist in the first place is because Kanbar let TWC talk them out of their original plan of financing the production in full themselves.

Variety doesn't state what kind of recompense Kanbar is seeking with this petition, but one would think they probably just want to get their film released at this point. I know the world isn't exactly chomping at the bit for a sequel to Hoodwinked, but if there were deals in place and TWC broke them, Kanbar has every right to push back. And as much as I'd like to see TWC get back on their feet someday, I'd like to see them do it without screwing over the little guy.
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