With starring roles in Terminator: Salvation, Avatar, and Clash of the Titans, Sam Worthington has come out of nowhere to become, potentially, Hollywood's next big thing -- the go-to action hero. This, as anyone who's seen Clash of the Titans should be able to attest, is a terrible idea. Nothing personal against the 33 year-old English actor [EDIT: my mistake -- Worthington is English-born, but Australian], but he must be stopped.

The reason is simple: his presence sucks the energy from the screen. It's not precisely that he's a bad actor. He is perfectly convincing, in a certain glum way, as a rogue cyborg, a crippled-marine-turned-Na'Vi-hotshot, or a demigod with a grudge. The problem, instead, is that his performances are almost stubbornly generic. He resists anything -- any flourish or exercise of actorly prerogative -- that would give any of his characters a shred of life or personality. They are like zombies carrying out the screenwriter's instructions. He gets a ton of screentime in the films discussed above, and while I can't recall a specific moment in his performances that strikes a false note, I can't recall a single memorable or interesting one either.
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