Alien Terror (1980) was one of the first of many ALIEN rip-off films to came out of Italy in the 1980s. Like many others of its ilk, Alien Terror went by many names, including Alien 2, Alien 2: On Earth, and Strangers.

The film was a gory sci-fi/horror flick set partially in a cave. Just how gory, you ask? Good question. How about I let the back of this VTC VHS box tell you?:

The alien then traps six young cave explorers underground where they are 'eaten' alive one by one in horribly explicit sequences of screaming terror. Not for weak stomachs or hearts as various bits and pieces of heads, bodies, and gore explode across the screen in vivid colour.

Wow. With that hard sell, I'm surprised VTC didn't use the "So Gory We Are Legally Prohibited From Displaying Stills On This VHS" approach.

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