Hey, it's Easter, so what better day to talk about things like death, resurrection, and the afterlife? I doubt that's what Sony had in mind when they released the brand-new trailer for Resident Evil: Afterlife, but hey, I thought it was (slightly) amusing. Anyway, the fourth chapter in the (apparently) very popular film series will hit theaters on September 10, but we've embedded the new trailer below.

Without looking at the IMDb plot synopsis, I'm going to assume that Resident Evil: Afterlife is about a hot woman (Milla Jovovich) who kills zombies. And frankly I'm a little annoyed. The series goes Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Resident Evil: Extinction ... and then they went and screwed up the alphabetical order by calling the fourth one Resident Evil: Afterlife. They had F through Z to get a title from! Argh. Also, in Japan the whole series is called Biohazard -- which is a much cooler title. What does "resident evil" mean anyway? Was that even a phrase before the video game came out?

Oh, here's something interesting: series producer Paul W.S. Anderson is siding back into the director's chair for the fourth chapter. (Alexander Witt directed part 2 and it was Russell Mulcahy on part 3.) Also of relative interest (and the trailer wants you to know it) is that RE4 was shot with the niftiest 3-D technology on the planet -- which means it will not be the chintzy "conversion process 3-D" that you recently suffered through on Clash of the Titans.

As a crazy horror geek, I dig the first flick and have found small nuggets of fun in each (relatively forgettable) sequel. Oh, and that monster Milla J. is battling in the trailer? I totally remember that bastard from the video games. Enjoy the slick, mindless lunacy after the jump...
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