Have you ever wanted to know how Mr. Incredible compares in size to Woody? How Nemo would stack up against Sully? Where the iconic Luxo Jr. lamp fits in with everything? Now you finally can. Designer Juan Pablo Bravo has painstakingly taken main characters from the Pixar films and placed them all in a silhouetted, size-specific lineup, just in case you need to know where everyone fits in. What's even more impressive is that he's done it in chronological order by release date.

Visit his site to download the massive version, which you can also find right here, and also check out his equally impressive 50 Movie Cars piece, which shows you the make and model of 50 iconic film and television vehicles. That is something I'd love to have as a poster, and that Pixar piece would make a nice wraparound for a child's room. Right? Or should I just admit that I want that one too? We're all big kids when it comes to Pixar.

[Via Slashfilm]
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