It doesn't quite yet have the Hollywood pull of ComicCon, its Southern California cousin, but WonderCon continues to grow and attract more lucrative movie offerings with every year. Held Friday through Sunday at San Francisco's Moscone Center, "The Con" fueled hype and elevated buzz for high-profile releases like 'Kick-Ass,''Tron Legacy,''The Losers,' 'Nightmare on Elm Street,''Toy Story 3' and 'Prince of Persia.'

While light on major announcements or surprise appearances (the only movie-related one, really, was Christopher Nolan popping up to introduce the 'Inception' trailer) -- both guarantees at the annual San Diego Con -- the feel inside the venue was practically indistinguishable. Stormtroopers, Spocks and the occasional Smurf abounded (no Furries have been spotted as of press time). Long lines formed outside of the Esplanade, the 3,500-person capacity main room. And crowds went bonkers over the introductions of stars like Jake Gyllenhaal, Zoe Saldana, Nicolas Cage (twice!), Jackie Earle Haley, Milla Jovovich ... and John Ratzenberger.
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