Who: Director William Malone, who would go on to a rather prolific career in the genre department; screenwriter Alan Reed, who would never work in movies again; actors Lyman Ward (Ferris Bueller's dad), Wendy Schaal (supermarket flirt from Innerspace), and Klaus Kinski. Yes I said Klaus Kinski.

What: One of the more shamelessly blatant ripoffs of Alien, with only a few cosmetic touches thrown in to avoid litigation. The original title was Titan Find, but it was switched to Creature, I suppose, to make it sound more like Alien. Silly.

When: May, 1985. It competed with the likes of Code of Silence, Gotcha!, and Gymkata. (Weak month.)

Where: No idea. Most of the flick looks like it was shot in a small warehouse filled with shiny cardboard.

Because even though Alien was a hit in 1979, it was still inspiring basic copycats more than five years later.

The Good: Kinski gets to play a lunatic for a change; some of the dialogue is pretty hilarious; most of the special effects are too.

The Bad:
It's a very basic slog through some powerfully familiar territory. Malone would go on to be a much better director, but you wouldn't have guessed it based on what's on display here. Also it's boring. The monsters ultimately exhibit skills outside of the original Alien aliens ... but by then you just won't care.

The Ugly: Some of the splatty stuff is amusing in a dime-store sort of way. Ultimately you'll just be wondering why the latecomers had to rip off Alien so damn slavishly. Throw a few new angles in there.

The Verdict: Unless you're single-mindedly obsessed on seeing every single sci-fi-horror amalgam ever made, feel free to skip Creature. And even if you are ... put this one at the bottom of the list.
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