My introduction to the 1966 German sci-fi TV show, Raumpatrouille (Space Patrol -- an overused title that thankfully sounds more evocative in German), was by way of its loungecore/space jazz soundtrack à la Peter Thomas. The German composer arranged a slew of groovy cult tracks in the 60's and 70's -- best known for creating the smooth sounds that embellished soft core porn flicks, UFO oddities like Chariots of the Gods, krimi films and so on. His ethereal, weightless soundscapes were quite evocative of the galactic milieu he became known for and he has since gained a sizable cult following after the re-release of Raumpatrouille's soundtrack in 1996. The title theme to the show is amazing and incorporates a retro-futuristic vocoder style countdown that makes my toes curl.

The show itself is a shiny silver spectacle with legendarily bad but charming effects: plastic cups acted as ceiling lights, electric hot irons and pencil sharpeners were control panels and shower knobs served as dials. This combined with ultra sleek furniture pieces, lots of backlighting, huge sets and expressionistic black and white photography gave the series a stylish and eccentric vibe. The space opera ran for seven one-hour episodes and fell silent after costs drained the Bavaria Film production company.
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