I'll admit that it's easy for me to play armchair studio exec without having all of the facts to weigh. That said, it's curious how Apparition is pushing its long-buzzed biopic, The Runaways, this spring.

After setting Sundance on fire in January, a March 19 release date was lined up; whether that would be a limited or wide release was up in the air. My suspicion is that the rush to the 19th that several films made once Clash of the Titans moved to this weekend had them hedging their bets, so the film went out on 244 screens at the time -- not quite limited, not quite wide, but with room to grow.

By that point, the word was that April 9th would see the film get a proper bow, with the only competition being the PG-13 action-comedy Date Night. However, what was once reported to be a 1,000-screen release has now been trimmed down to somewhere around 200, and given that the film dropped more than 150 screens last weekend, that just seems to put it right back where it was last month -- not quite limited, not quite wide, etc.

Apparition's a young studio with plenty of experience at the helm. Maybe they're going to try a more patient approach here (as they used with The Boondock Saints II, which took four months to reach 500 screens and earned $10 million), or maybe they've realized this film's limited appeal (can Twilight teens get into the R-rated film?) and are therefore trying to cut their losses.

Hey, I'm just guessing here. So how about you guys and girls tell me: after three weeks in release, are you still waiting to see The Runaways? (And if so, is there a copy of Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains in your town that you can rent instead?)