Get this: Danny Trejo is putting down the machetes and picking up a basketball. No, he isn't gearing to play a basketball player -- we haven't slipped into an alternate universe yet -- but he is looking to bring one player's true story to the big screen. Deadline Hollywood reports that he's going to self-finance a sports drama --Ambition -- about Utah Jazz player Paul Millsap and his uncle/agent DeAngelo Simmons.

As the real story goes, Simmons' sister and her children moved back to Louisiana, and he helped keep the kids "away from the streets." One, Paul, turned "into a 6'8", 250 pound rebounding machine," and Simmons became his agent, brokering a four-year deal for his nephew. Simmons had a small role in Trejo's Vengeance, which must be how this whole plan came to be.

Yeah, so The Blind Side gets popular and Trejo decides to tell another inspirational story in the same vein. However, as Deadline points out, the actor has a similar story in his own past and I'm sure that I'm not the only one wishing Ambition was about the machete man. Trejo was immersed in drugs and crime in his youth, spent nearly a decade in prison, got straight becoming a boxer and drug counselor, and ultimately a movie star when he got to teach Eric Roberts his moves for Runaway Train, and fought him in the film. It's the same theme, but a whole lot less typical than boy steered away from the streets by a basketball. Ah well, maybe the autobiographical flick will come next.
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