I knew all my hopes for Kristen Wiig weren't unfounded when I saw her in Whip It! Arguably the strongest female comedian on Saturday Night Live, she'd been stealing scenes out from the noses of stars like Katherine Heigl in Adventureland and Knocked Up for years, albeit in roles that didn't offer her much more than a twist on her SNL characters.

In Whip It!, we saw a different, more robust side of her acting skills as a single mom who finds freedom and friendship in the world of roller derby; some of this is attributable to the writing, of course, but Wiig brought a warmth into the character that was undeniable. Although Extract, which came out a month earlier, was all over the place, Wiig managed to make the best of it as well as the is-she-or-isn't-she cheating wife of Jason Bateman's character.

Meanwhile, her fantastic ability to morph into different characters, which is often praised by her costars, is featured in a photo shoot for March's V Magazine, where she dons a fruity hat, a Bridget Bardot look, and a Frida Kahlo get-up among others. You can get a taste of the photos here and here.

(Read on for a lot more Wiig stuff!)

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