If you're sitting there watching the lists upon lists of 3D movies in the works, and recoiling from the growing piles of 3D conversions, you might find comfort in the fact that Hollywood's directors are also getting a little sick of the trend ... at least, in its current incarnation of rushed, shoddy, sh*tty 3D. James Cameron recently spoke out about the cheap-looking conversions, stating to Reuters: "The problem is these decisions should be made by filmmakers, they shouldn't be made by studios, because if it was up to studios they're going to sacrifice quality for lower cost." Now Louis Leterrier is following suit.

He is, of course, the director behind this weekend's action epic Clash of the Titans, which grabbed the number 1 spot this weekend at the box office. He told THR (via Yahoo): "
It's funny, that is one of the things I was saying to them. Don't make it so much like a ViewMaster -- so ... so puffied up. Listen, it was not my intention to do it in 3D; it was not my decision to convert it in 3D."

It's a sentiment increasing daily as people go out and see Clash with the extra dimension. The film may have raked in a lot of cash, but fans, critics, and the filmmaker himself admit that it doesn't look that great. But don't expect the studios to listen. At least, not until there's a rabid outcry for 2D.