Let me go out on a limb and say that Christopher Nolan's Inception is only my second most anticipated movie of 2010 -- the #1 spot goes to Vincenzo Natali's polarizing sci-fi thriller Splice, the new trailer for which you can view here. (It's been a long and painful struggle to avoid the Splice spoilers floating around the net from its Sundance premiere.) But I'm still quite psyched about Nolan's trippy follow-up to The Dark Knight. Details about the plot have been sparse, but there are quite a few interesting tidbits to be found in yesterday's long LA Timesfeature about the project. If you're as curious about the film as the rest of us on Cinematical, I commend the article to you -- it doesn't appear to be unduly spoilerish, and seems to really grok the geeky intellectual appeal of Nolan's films.

The article must have been part of Warner Bros. PR strategy for the film, since it coincided with the premiere of some new footage at WonderCon on Saturday, where some of these details were also apparently revealed.
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