Not very long ago I stood at this very blog and offered the opinion that Flickchart was a huge ball of fun for anyone who sees a ravenous cinevore when they look in the mirror. And those guys have been making improvements and advancements every month. But now there's a new movie site that certainly doesn't replace Flickchart -- but it may steal a little bit of your free time all the same.

It's a website called iCheckMovies, and it's absolutely great for helping you get your "films to see" lists in order. Created by a pair of movie freaks from The Netherlands, looks pretty simplistic at first, but there's a lot going on once you jump in. Gathered within the website is an eclectic collection of formidable movie lists, a large portion culled directly from the IMDb, but also a big batch of 'em from Roger Ebert, the Oscars, the AFI, The Onion AV Club, Rotten Tomatoes, They Shoot Pictures, and several others.

You, the movie nerd, will pick through each list, simply "checking" the films you've seen. Aside from the ability to "favorite" or "anti-favorite" a film, there's no sort of ranking system or head-to-head matchups (another reason we still need Flickchart). Or if you happen to keep a big list of all your "seen" films at the IMDb, then will let you import the whole massive thing into your profile.

And then the fun begins.