Every once in awhile, a revelation about a famous figure mucks up the facts of that person's biopic. Usually the truth comes out just before or after the film hits theaters, like with A Beautiful Mind. Other times, as in the case of The English Patient, it takes 14 years for the Daily Mail to report (via Movieline) that the male lead in a heterosexual love story was in fact gay. In Hollywood time, that may be just long enough for a remake of the Best Picture winner, directed by the late Anthony Minghella and starring Ralph Fiennes as the real-life Hungarian aristocrat and pilot Laszlo Almasy.

Despite the favor for completely redoing movies, though, perhaps there's another way to go. Whichever company buys Miramax (the latest deadline for bids is today) could salvage most of the original version of The English Patient while reworking it the way George Lucas updated the original Star Wars trilogy. This way, a special edition re-release can capitalize on the new popularity of Naveen Andrews (Sayid on Lost) while also employing computer technology to replace Kristin Scott Thomas with a young male actor (Daniel Bruhl?), specifically in the part of a Nazi soldier named Hans Entholt.
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