Robert Rodriguez's Red Sonja has been delayed for some time now, but Millennium Films has been touting Planet Terror star Rose McGowan as the warrior with a wicked sword since 2008's ComicCon. The actress was decked out in a skimpy chainmail bikini and licking a bloody blade in two posters that were unveiled during a panel discussion with the star and Rodriguez. But according to recent rumors surrounding the project, Transformers' Megan Fox may be taking McGowan's place.

Our Elisabeth Rappe first reported rumors that McGowan was off the project earlier this month, and a report from Pajiba drives that point home even more. Plagued with financial difficulties, a change of directors (Douglas Aarniokoski is now off the project) and an empty writer's chair (David N. White's script needs a second pass), Millennium now wants to look for a "younger, hotter" star to take on the lead role of the redheaded badass. Whether mention of Fox is a last-ditch ploy to get some financial interest in the project is uncertain, but her name always seems to come up when a movie needs an attractive young lead -- like Wonder Woman. She played the snarky popular girl in Jennifer's Body, which showed she can channel her inner bitch (I'm of course ignoring rumors of her off-screen personality), but the role still relied more on Fox's physical charms than her physical ability to kick ass. We've seen her do action scenes in earlier films -- but is she capable of pulling off a lead role where swinging a sword is the main order of business? Who do you see in the role of the fantasy female barbarian?

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