As mentioned in my announcement post of this past week's Sci-Fi Squad Movie Club, I hadn't actually seen The Lawnmower Man. I've been on kind of a late '80s to mid-'90s sci-fi kick lately, so I decided I might as well finally sit down for all of Brett Leonard's adaptation of Stephen King's short story. It was pretty much exactly as expected; dated visuals that would have been cutting edge special effects at the time, in service of a plot that posited a near future that never came to be. It also seemed an oddly tech-savvy story for Stephen King yet still fit his mold of having endings that involve becoming more than human.

It wasn't until after watching the film that I read a bit more about the production and how little it actually had to do with King's story. I'm a big fan of the man's body of work, but it's just so damned massive that I've still got plenty of unread gaps to bridge. Anyone who isn't watching The Lawnmower Man for the first time in the year 2010 will likely already be well aware of all of this, but since this is already an atypical entry in the SFS Movie Club, I'd like to first dive into the film's production history.
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