An old friend of mine recently rolled into town needing a place to set up camp for a while, so of course I came to the rescue. She's the type of pal who I can just pick back up with after not having seen her for years. One of the great memories we share is when we would wreak havoc at slumber parties.

Nothing beat getting together with a gang of my best girlfriends, devouring sugary snacks, playing ridiculous games and watching movies by the bucket load. My friend often hosted these gatherings and had two very laid back parents who left us to our own devices, which allowed me to become indoctrinated into the world of some delicious video nasties. It also helped that she had an older brother who was always followed by a billow of smoke, wore Evil Dead t-shirts and quoted every nerd-tastical horror flick you can possibly imagine. He granted us access to his nefarious VHS collection and for that I will be forever grateful. My horror schooling at home was strong, but there were some movies -- The Last House on the Left comes to mind -- that were just a wee bit uncomfortable to watch with my parents.

Since my friend has arrived, we've spent most of our nights curled up in blankets and digging into my movie collection, revisiting some of the flicks we adored watching during sleepovers. We used to watch all the classics (The Exorcist, Evil Dead II, A Nightmare on Elm Street, etc.), but the nights we went beyond the standard fare were always more memorable. Pass the cheese doodles, turn off the lights and get cozy with my top five slumber party picks!
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