Here's one of those ideas that could just go horribly wrong. Werewolves need some love. They need to be done right. I've seen a lot of good werewolf films. I've seen a handful of great ones, but I've yet to see one that really hits the nail on the head, with the exception of the original Wolfman. While I'm hoping that werewolves don't get whored out on the streetcorner like our beloved zombies, I think a 'werewolf craze' is long overdo. I can safely say that this won't be the ultimate werewolf movie, but Slashfilm reports that Steve Pink, the fellow at the wheel of Hot Tub Time Machine, is going to steer Werewolves of Reseda, a horror comedy.

Early details are, of course, sketchy. It involves a handful of suburban schlubs who find themselves gradually succumbing to lycanthropy. Word is that it's an ensemble comedy, so the real success of this will hinge on who they put into the fur. Chances are, there will be a few of the usual suspects - Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, and their ilk? I imagine there will be at least one graduate of the Daily Show and/or the Office, which suits me just fine. While I'm still holding out hope for the ultimate lupine horror fest, I'll take what I can get. Hopefully they won't resort to jokes of leg-humping and urinating in inappropriate places.
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