I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a huge fan of the firstResident Evilfilm. Unlike most movies adapted from video games, it manages to keep the cheesiness to a minimum, giving us instead a healthy dose of fun zombie action and a Milla Jovovich side boob. The second and third efforts, however, broke free from the mold, and although are entertaining in their own right, fail to capture the spirit of the video game that the first film did.

Despite this, I'm genuinely looking forward to the fourth installment, Resident Evil: Afterlife. Paul W. S. Anderson will be behind the lens (he also penned the script) once again, and the film will follow Alice (Milla Jovovich), teaming up with Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) once again to fight zombies and the Umbrella Corporation in Los Angeles. All preconceived notions and its resemblance to Blade with zombies aside, the films looks like crazy retarded fun.

Clearly a departure from the first film, it appears to feature new types of zombies called Majini, which were featured in Resident Evil 5, one of whom is clearly seen toward the end of the trailer. Known as the Executioner, he wields a giant axe-hammer, wears a black, hooded cloak, and is covered in nails. Naturally, a showdown between him and Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill series would be absolutely awesome.

The fact that it was filmed utilizing the "James Cameron / Vincent Pace Fusion Camera System," which most are now familiar with thanks to Avatar, would normally make it a deal breaker for me (I loathe 3-D), but I have yet to see Avatar, which many praised as being visually orgasmic and the only way to do a 3-D film. As such, I really can't write it off just for this.

The trailer can be found after the jump, courtesy of Sony. Special thanks to Shock Till You Drop for the heads up.
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