The perils of publishing any geek news on April Fool's Day is that no one will believe you. So we all laughed when claimed that Joss Whedon was in talks with Marvel. I watched my colleagues on Twitter universally declare they weren't touching it for a full 24 hours. Only now is it cropping up thanks to The Flickcast and The LA Times saying ... no really -- it's true. So, sorry IESB and to anyone else who dug deeper to confirm that I haven't tipped a hat to.

So it's official: Marvel has spoken to Whedon about directing The Avengers. Spoken. Not offered, not signed. He's just on a list, has talked to them about the possibility, and it could be promising. Devin Faraci of CHUD advises caution, though making your voices heard may have an effect one way or another, as it seems to have during the Captain America casting. "It's hard to tell how serious Marvel is, as they've proven that their method is bring people in, talk with them, leak the info online and then make their decisions based on the feedback from the web."I would assume Whedon has a good relationship at Marvel after highly successful runs on Astonishing X-Men and Runaways, so it's not as outlandish and geek-pandering as it may seem.

So, would Whedon be a good fit? I think so. I'm no rabid Whedonite (I may have a Browncoat hoodie, but I've never watched a single episode of Dollhouse) so I feel I my judgment is cool-headed. I think Firefly had a very Avengers-like dynamic. Astonishing X-Men did too, and it's not dissimilar to what Brian Bendis has done with New Avengers, a tone I imagine Marvel may borrow for their heroic mashup. Of course, that's writing over directing, but the worlds are colliding more and more when it comes to comics these days. What's your take, readers? Whedon for Avengers?

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