You would be hard-pressed to find a more thoughtful, sensitive and all-around charming actor in Hollywood than Jay Baruchel. Even after a blistering gauntlet of press Saturday afternoon at San Francisco's Wondercon for his new film The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Baruchel was generous and in good spirits when Cinematical sat down with him for an impromptu chat at the St. Regis hotel, where he and his cast-mate Nicolas Cage were conducting interviews after previewing some of the film's first completed footage.

After admitting that he too was only privy for the first time to the scenes shown at Wondercon when they were screened for the public in Moscone Center's Esplanade Hall, Baruchel offered a few insights about his experiences making the film, which required more than a bit of magic both on-camera and behind the scenes. In addition to talking about his own process as an actor and his collaboration with co-star Nicolas Cage, Baruchel, he discussed how the film challenged him to combine different acting impulses, and revealed what he believes may be in store for him in Hollywood in the future.