Nothing I could tell you about 2019: After the Fall of New York (1983) would be as rewarding as VTC's back-of-the-box description of the film:

The year is 2019: A thermonuclear war has just been waged against the Inter-American Confederation, in which the Eurax were victorious due to a giant anti-missile protective bubble.

In a desperate mission to steal the secret of the bubble, "The Blonde" and "The Dwarf" are transported to Eurax by nuclear submarine.

Entering the city through its sewerage system, they discover a subterranean, sub-human, infantile species who thrive on rats and public fornication. "The Blonde" and Mary - the only fertile female left, are captured by the Eurax. Hair-raising adventures take place as a nuclear missile is about to destroy the rest of the old world.

A giant anti-missle protective bubble? Transport to Eurax by nuclear submarine? An infantile species who thrive on rats and public fornication? There's literally nothing about those three paragraphs that I don't love.

Click through for an epic painted-art VHS cover and back-of-the-box images from the film.
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