The talents behind the kiddie fare The Backyardigans and the non-kidddie fare Robot Chicken are working on an all-new Star Wars animated televison series under the official eye of George Lucas himself. The kicker? According to Variety, it's a comedy.

While George Lucas seems completely incapable of telling a decent joke, he's been a very good sport when it comes to those poking fun at his creations, whether in big projects like the Family Guy and Robot ChickenStar Wars parodies or smaller fan films like Troops. Chud speculates that the show might be aimed at the pre-school set, much like Marvel's Superhero Squad, but I'd prefer to imagine that Lucasfilm is developing a wacky Star Wars sitcom. Partly because that sounds far, far worse, and partly because I have my own ideas for a Star Wars sitcom...(You can have these for FREE, George Lucas. You're welcome.)

Who's the Bossk - What happens when a single mother of two hires a live-in Trandoshan bounty hunter? Hijinks ensue.

How I Met Your Mothma - This show flashes back to the wild time a group of friends had in New York City, and how one man fell head over heels with the frigid leader of the Galactic Republic. Hijinks ensue.

IG-88 Simple Rules for Dating My Daughter - It's tough to be a teenage girl in IG-88's house! Hijinks (and explosions) ensue.
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