There's nothing like a good rumor to start off your day. Even if it never pans out, it can be fun for five minutes to imagine the possibilities. Take this rumor from Latino Review regarding Harrison Ford joining Daniel Craig for Jon Favreau's Cowboys & Aliens. They make it quite clear that they've been unable to confirm the news in any kind of an official capacity, but all of their internal signs are pointing toward Ford playing some kind of role in the Iron Man director's adaptation of the comic series about aliens who attempt to enslave humanity in the 1800s only to find a very reticent local population of cowboys (and Indians, though they're not in the title) who then fight back.

I really hope this comes to pass. I haven't read the comic, so I have no idea where Ford would fit in, I just want to see the man back on the big screen in a big blockbuster. I want to plunk down money for a summer matinee where Ford isn't complaining about how old he's getting or trying to cure cancer or hitting on women who are younger than him. I want to see Harrison Ford do once again what Harrison Ford used to do best; dominate a franchise. And I think re-teaming with someone like Favreau, who, despite tackling a few CGI-heavy films, has shown a great affinity for practical effects over green screen extravaganzas could coax the old Indy, the old Han Solo, and the old Deckard back out of hiding.
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