Short answer: Oh, it's definitely possible since we at least had some ridiculously cheesy Arnold Schwarzenegger one-liners to warm our movie-loving hearts (and souls) in Batman & Robin. Then again, Batman & Robin didn't have skinny 17-year-old white girls doing drugs and 50 Cent at the same time. You know something is off when your gritty, drug-fueled ensemble drama premieres at the Sundance Film Festival to a crowd full of critics who can't stop laughing. I happened to be one of the folks in that first press screening for Joel Schumacher's Twelve (read our review), and I can tell you straight up that this flick is a mess. Not only are there too many characters and too many random storylines, but you don't care about any of it.

An extended red-band trailer for the film has arrived online with distributor Hannover House watermarks on it, which means this was either not ready to be released, or Hannover House cares more about advertising themselves than they do their movie (I'm hoping it's the former). Nevertheless, you won't get much more out of this three-minute preview than you will out of the entire film; there's a bunch of stuck-up rich kids doing drugs ... and, wait, is that 50 Cent playing a tough-as-nails drug dealer? No way! What a departure for him!

It's unfortunate, too, because I couldn't help but feel like the source material for this (Nick McDonell's novel) was a lot more entertaining (and made a lot more sense) than the finished film. Schumacher attempts to stuff way too much into this sucker, to the point where it winds up feeling rushed, uneven and pointless. Maybe he did a bunch of work on it following Sundance -- I don't know -- but all this trailer does is leave us with more questions; mainly: "What the f**k did I just watch?"