Photographer Joshua Hoffine's work dwells in nightmarish realms. He confronts the viewer with technicolor fragments from our darkest subconscious and uses elaborate props, special effects makeup and costumes to create a world where the monsters won't soon let you forget them. His series of photographs, appropriately called After Dark My Sweet, are based on childhood phobias -- some of which we never outgrow -- and now the artist is creating a new body of work that continues his theatrically terrifying visions.

Hoffine's latest piece, Keyhole, features an ax-wielding murderer and implicates the viewer by using a keyhole frame for us to witness a brutal crime happening on the other side of the door. He had this to say about the photograph in a recent interview with Dangerous Ink:

"For me, this image is about the mechanics of Horror. I wanted to create an image that would cast you – the viewer – as a character in the scene. I centered on the idea of having the camera look through a keyhole, believing that this device would establish an implicit P.O.V. perspective for the viewer. This image is about voyeurism, about seeing something that you shouldn't, and worse – being caught in the act. In this image you – the viewer – are the incumbent victim."

You can purchase a limited edition print of Keyhole from Hoffine's website (1/2 price for the month of April!) and learn about the making of Keyhole and other works on his blog. If you're in the Cleveland, Ohio area, check out a full-size 40-inch print of the voyeuristic nightmare at Cinema Wasteland, April 9-11. Hit the jump for a recent interview I did with Hoffine.

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