Marvel has been quietly hammering out a Runaways movie for ages. Due to the flashiness of the big heroes like Thor or Captain America, they don't enjoy as much rumor mill buzz, but that may change now. According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Marvel is talking to Peter Sollett to direct The Runaways. No, not the band. The comic book.

The Runaways may be dismissed by general audiences and some hardcore superhero fans as teenage fluff, but it's so much better than that. It's a very rare thing in this day and age of spin-offs and sequels since it's an original superhero team. Penned by Brian K. Vaughan (whose work has extended so far beyond the "geek" world that even the comic clueless will know it), Runaways centers on a group of teenagers who discover that their rich, socialite parents are actually supervillains. They do what any good kid would do: They run away, form their own superhero team, and vow to stop their powerful parents no matter what the cost. And oh, the cost is often quite heartbreaking. (Joss Whedon did a short run. You can imagine what happened.)

The Playlist reported yesterday that Whedon was in the running to direct The Runaways -- which makes a little more sense than him directing The Avengers -- though they pulled back once Deadline reported the Sollett news. Maybe Whedon's just not that interested after so many years in Sunnydale. I haven't seen Sollett's Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist, but what I've seen and heard about it would indicate he can handle the maturity of a teen story better than most, while still keeping it relatively light. It would be such a great franchise for the younger set, so I hope this becomes official and Sollett is the man who can get it off the ground.
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