I find myself constantly frustrated by Robert Zemeckis. Here is an immensely talented filmmaker, the man who brought us Back to the Future and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, seeming far more interested in whatever new-fangled technology is popping up at the moment rather than telling a great story. I don't want to lump Zemeckis together with George Lucas (and to a far lesser extent, James Cameron), but his recent forays in the world of motion capture animated films has been less than impressive.

It sends a minor wave of heat through my icy soul to learn that Zemeckis' next film, an adaptation of a young adult novel called Dark Life (which will be released in May), may not be a motion capture project. Of course, the phrase in use here is "Whether the film will be produced using Zemeckis' favored performance-capture process has yet to be determined," but I'm allowed to be positive and hopeful on occasion, right? Right?
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