It occurred to me as I put together today's Scenes (Songs) We Love, that today's selection is all about change. Let me explain: to start with we've got the film, the 1997 drama Metroland, which is about a man questioning his decisions in life, and then we have our song, Peaches, by the genre-resistant UK band The Stranglers. Finally, you've got your actor, the one and only Christian Bale, an actor who has never been afraid to try something new with his career. It may seem strange to think it now, but would anyone have predicted back then that the guy from Swing Kids would become the Caped Crusader?

Metroland was directed by Philip Saville, and is based on Julian Barnes' novel of the same name. The film follows Chris (Bale), a young man having a quarter-life crisis brought on by the return of his childhood friend Toni, who chose the road less traveled in life. The film flashes between Chris' time in Paris as an 'Angry Young Man' and his relationship with the French girl of everyone's dreams and his new life as a husband and father. Chris fantasizes about his old life and he begins to question his choices to abandon art for advertising, a move to the suburbs (or Metrolands), and even his wife (spectacularly played by Emily Watson).
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