I believe we can universally agree that people who talk in the sacred darkness of a movie theater are very, very bad people. (Unless it's the kind of showing like Troll 2 that begs for everyone to laugh and talk along.) But over the weekend, I decided there's one group of moviegoers that it's always awesome to overhear: small children.

I went to see How To Train Your Dragonfor the second time, knowing that a lazy Saturday afternoon could make for an ugly screening. The signs weren't promising -- kids hyped up on sugar, overtired, running around. But then the movie trailers began, and they immediately went quiet. In fact I began wishing for a kid of my own because it would make for a great feature to record their reactions to the noisy, slapstick trailers that are aimed at them. Despicable Me? Some genuine laughs. Marmaduke? Hysterical chortling. (I know. Well, the dogs do dance. When you're three, that's probably the height of magic.) Furry Vengeance? Yawns. Megamind? "Fish tank! Fishtank!" (Sorry, Will Ferrell. No one likes your blue guy.) They even seem burnt out on Shrek. Way to kill the goose that laid the golden eggs, DreamWorks. (That should be an after credits sequence in Shrek Forever After.)

Once Dragon began, the hysteria ceased and I had the benefit of seeing two shows at once since the little guy sitting next to us was as funny as the movie. He followed along far more closely than his tender years would suggest, and he immediately latched onto Hiccup's search for "the nightmare" and predicted how he could find it before gleefully pointing out "He thinks he's toothless!" to everyone nearby.

Spoilers follow, so read at your own risk
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