Creepy ocean liners, scientific experimentation, and suicidal obsession lead this week's Movie Club picks:

Horror Squad's Brian Salisbury picked the 2009 film Triangle for his club discussion. Starring Melissa George, the film follows a group of friends who head out for a sail on a yacht. When a storm descends, they're forced to board an ocean liner that isn't the savior it appears to be. Salisbury wrote: "This is a high-concept experiment in psychological horror disguised as a simple slasher flick. When that boat came drifting through the malaise I, being blissfully ignorant, expected nothing more than a ghost ship film."

Meanwhile, over at SciFi Squad, Peter Hall tackled The Lawnmower Man. Seeing the lawsuit-plagued Stephen King "adaptation" for the first time, he wrote: "It was pretty much exactly as expected; dated visuals that would have been cutting edge special effects at the time, in service of a plot that posited a near future that never came to be."

Finally, I picked Sofia Coppola's first film, The Virgin Suicides: "That's probably Coppola's biggest success -- taking the dark story of five young daughters who all kill themselves, and then framing it as a tale of the many forms of teen angst, rather than one small sliver."

Stay tuned this Friday for the Squad's next picks, and tune in this week for Cinematical's look at Zoolander. There will be the usual livetweet Wednesday night at 10 PM EST (#cinemovieclub and #zoolander), and discussion on Friday night.

Update:Moviefone's Movie Club is back! Moving beyond Oscar-nominated cinema, they've taken a stab at the Louis Leterrier Clash of the Titans remake, chatting about the original 1981 version, the 3D drama, and the rise of Worthington.
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