In the recent musician biopic 'The Runaways,'Kristen Stewart channels a teenage Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning slinks around trying to sound like a breathy voiced Cherie Currie. Most critics praised their performances as the precocious girl rockers, and it reminded us that musician biopics are the most popular in the genre for a reason.

When they're cast well and executed properly, biographical dramas about musicians are some of the best "based on real people" films period, not to mention wonderful vehicles for the versatile actors tasked with playing beloved artists.

Here's a list of our 15 favorite musician biopics; and when we say musician, we're all-inclusive -- rock, punk, country, jazz, standards, Tejano, R&B and classical artists all make the cut. However, movies about fictional musicians, no matter how much they resemble one (or many) real artists, were just too confusing to include, but we do love movies like 'Crazy Heart,' 'Dreamgirls,''8 Mile,''Velvet Goldmine' and 'The Rose.' Drumroll, please ...
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