- Life is running a gallery of never-before-seen Steve McQueen pictures. Given that the picture above isn't even the best one, that should give you an idea of why you need to click this link.

- The recent statistical study "Predicting the Future With Social Media" has come to the conclusion that the most accurate predictor of box office performance is no longer the Hollywood Stock Exchange Index, but the amount of pre-release week mentions on Twitter. My own Twitter studies have reached the conclusion that there is a strong correlation between an increase in tweets about bowel movements and a decrease in followers. I mean, come on, I just like to share...

- Let out a sigh of relief, gamers, the Gears of War film is currently stalling. The reason? New Line cut the budget and now no one wants to be involved with the movie any more. What a strange coincidence.

- It pleases me to no end that Corbin Bernsen, star of one of my favorite '90s horror movies, The Dentist, is directing a kids movie called 25 Hill that he hopes will save the soap box derby races of Akron, Ohio.

- It looks like Ruben Fleischer will be following up Zombieland 2 not with a buddy cop movie, but with 30 Minutes or Less, an action/comedy about a pizza delivery man, who may be played by Danny McBride, who gets caught up with a crime.
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