I've never made secret my total man-crush on Paul Rudd. There isn't another living actor out there who wields sarcasm quite as well in my book, and so I'm already willing to give Dinner for Schmucks the benefit of the doubt by virtue of his casting.

Rudd plays Tim, a financial executive who will only rise through the ranks at work if he agrees to bring the biggest eccentric to his boss' monthly dinner / nerd mockery competition. Enter Barry (Steve Carell), a loser whose hobbies include replicating masterworks of art with dead mice and the like. As agendas collide, will Tim cash in their unlikely friendship for a promotion, or will he learn a Valuable Life Lesson amidst all the humiliation and betrayal?

I haven't seen the French original, but I have seen the trailer for this remake, and high probability for climactic sentiment aside, it's really just Rudd that's giving me the most hope for several laughs. (And I'm told this Carell fella is also amusing.) We'll know for sure when Dinner for Schmucks is served on July 23.