Disney's risky return to Tron hasn't even really hit the mainstream radar yet, let alone movie theaters, but they're already ramping up for a sequel. According to THR's Heat Vision, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have begun writing a sequel to Tron: Legacy, and it's believed to "round the story into a trilogy."

Obviously there are no details on the plot yet, and as we're still piecing together what might happen in Tron: Legacy, we can't speculate very much at all. But there have been enough hints in ComicCon and set visit interviews that Tron: Legacy was always intended to be an open-ended return. The actors are signed for multiple films. The sheer amount of time, money, and effort being spent on the special effects would also suggest they hoped to create a MCP they could return to for other stories. Naturally, if Tron: Legacy fails, this script can be swept under the rug. But it's there if December 17 proves a massive, Avatar-like success.

In the absence of more information, I'll engage in a bit of crazy fan fiction. Wouldn't it be great if a Tron trilogy (starring faces new and old) could lead to an ongoing series of stories set in the same world, but were completely unrelated to the saga of Kevin Flynn? This is something many people wanted to see with Star Wars and even The Matrix, but it never happened. It would be really exciting if a sci-fi franchise (other than Star Trek -- and even that returns to the Kirk standby when it reboots) could deliver on that idea.

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