Hey guys. You better sit down. We need...we need to have a little talk. No, no, I'm okay. Nothing life threatening. No one's dying! Please stop asking!

Sorry if I lost my temper there. This is kinda' hard, you know? Well, I better cut to the chase and get down to brass tacks. You see...man, this is hard...you see, Star Wars and I are taking a little break. Actually, we've been taking a break. We've been separated for over a year now. Yeah, I know you haven't noticed. That was the point. We didn't want to hurt each other's feelings and we certainly didn't want to drag you guys, the pleasant memories we made oh-so long ago, into this mess.

Exactly how long? Since January 1st, 2009 to be exact. We haven't been together for fifteen months now.

No, don't say that! You've got me all wrong. Look, I still love Star Wars very much. She'll always be very special to me and we're always going to be friends. She taught me so much. She taught me how to love movies. What happened between us over the years...you can never erase that. You can never forget that.
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