I've said it before: Coriolanus is one of my favorite William Shakespeare plays. Sure, it has something to do with Christopher Walken, but it's also a fun and fiery, war-centric, drama-laden story that's been criminally ignored by Hollywood... until now. Ralph Fiennes decided to make Coriolanus his directorial debut last year -- while also taking the starring role alongside Gerard Butler's Tullus Aufidius, Brian Cox's Menenius, and Vanessa Redgrave's Volumnia -- and now production is kicking into high gear with camouflage, guns, and dusty explosions.

30Ninjas has created a rather thorough blog on the production -- casting, concept art, and, now, a few photos from set. One of the pair is at the top of this post, and as you can see, this isn't your typical historical adaptation. Fiennes has chosen to go with a modern retelling that looks a lot like TheHurt Locker, between the modern army wear and dusty feel. Really, it's about time we got more modern Shakespeare adaptations that stretch the boundaries of what we expect. Most of the time, the time-traveling is left to the comedy and romance, whether it be 10 Things I Hate About You, Romeo + Juliet, or As You Like It.

More news from Serbia is promised, so if you're wild for Gaius Martius, you better head over to 30 Ninjas.

[via Empire]
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