Welcome to Horror Girl in the Real World -- a new Horror Squad column devoted to exploring the genre from a slightly different perspective. Rather than preach the sermon of spookiness to the choir, I'll be examining not only how the rest of the world looks at the genre we love, but how horror fans manage amongst the non-horror masses. Think of it as a social experiment with a gory and slightly feminine twist.

Can we all just admit that we totally judge each other by the type of movies we choose to watch on a first date? Let me jump back for a moment and say that I've never been a fan of the movie theater as a realm for that initial get together. My preference is finding a spot to talk and relax while digging into each other's brains with great fervor -- and quite possibly gnashing of teeth. After hanging out with someone a few times, a movie date is a great way to further gauge that person's interests, sense of humor and tolerance for my obsession -- horror films. Are they also laughing when Ted Levine comes on screen in Shutter Island (and hopefully later exchanging jokes with me that involveobscene lipstick application)? Is the ending of Cemetery Man as overwhelmingly existential for them as it is for me, no matter that I've watched it dozens of times? I'll never grow tired of the theatergoing experience as one of my favorite date rituals -- because in that few hours of silence there is a lot being said. I usually prefer to see movies alone, so in a way it's testing my own capacity for accepting another's responses to the big screen drama unfolding in the dark, while another plays right beside you and wants to hold your hand.
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