The name Peter Hedges may not be instantly recognizable, but his film's certainly are. (Or at least should be.) Hedges is the writer behind What's Eating Gilbert Grape, About a Boy, Pieces of April and Dan in Real Life, the last two of which he also directed. Now Hedges is continuing his relationship with Focus Features, who have just given the author-turned-screenwriter the go-ahead to write, produce and direct an adaptation of his latest novel, The Heights.

Published last March, The Heights is about, "a contemporary couple raising their children in the beautiful, affluent Brooklyn neighborhood from which the book draws its name. Young parents Tim and Kate Welch have a relationship other couples envy, but their seemingly perfect world is turned upside down by the arrival of alluring, wealthy new neighbors."

There's no word on who Hedges will be casting as the storybook couple or the wealthy new interlopers, but Hedges has a nice track record in the casting department (What's Eating Gilbert Grape made Leonardo DiCaprio a household name thanks to his first Oscar nomination), so hopefully he keeps that going. I'd love to play the fantasy casting game, but I haven't actually read Hedges' novel. Are there any readers out there who have read The Heights? Do you think it'll work well on the big screen? And if so, who do you see as Tim and Kate?
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