When I was a kid, slime green was my favorite color because I loved radioactive ooze and gooey mutagens that I thought would somehow give me super powers instead of any number of cancers and other fatal diseases. Now that I'm an adult, if a drink's sickening sweet and so artificially-colored that it's practically glowing, I'll still probably drink it though, sadly, I know the end result won't be super strength and X-ray vision.

But my imagination (and yours) can be helped by Fred & Friend's-designed Polluted Glasses. Two miniature 10oz. barrels with etched radiation signs will make you feel your next drink's come straight from Chernobyl. Fill it with food coloring or dry ice to make a Troma film festival more interesting (or bearable), or just buy some cheap Tenafly Viper-like swill and gulp it down even though your glass is telling you this liquid should not be ingested.

Neatorama is selling a pair of Polluted Glasses for the low price of $14.99, which means $30 can help turn you and your three friends into a bunch of chemically-altered freaks (or drunks, whatever name you prefer). Makes a great pair with Fred's Toxic Spills coasters!

Hmm, I wonder if "You Can't Do That On Television" has any of that slime left over...
[via Geeklogie]
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