• Why can't an 8-bit video game based on Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog be real? You're such a tease, Internet.
  • Gholson examines the current production state of three potential giant robot movies: Voltron, Robotech, and Gaiking.
  • If you're a Battlestar Galactica fan, you may want to check out this totally street legal Colonial Viper car. I'll give $20 to the first person who turns a minivan into a Colonial Raptor. Don't worry, I won't be a stickler about a working FTL drive.
  • Jacob Hall throws some positive thoughts toward Robert Zemeckis' Dark Life and the hope that it won't end up being another motion capture movie.
  • So far this week Micah has shared with us VHS cover art for Alien Terror, Time Walker, 2019: After the Fall of New York, and MegaForce.
  • Maxim has a very in-depth interview with Geoff Marslett, writer/director of the animated sci-fi film Mars, which recently premiered at SXSW.
  • And if you loved that 70+ minute long video review of The Phantom Menace that was all the rage months ago, Red Letter Media is back to eviscerate Attack of the Clones.

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