Times have been tough for those suffering from thalassophobia lately. First, that whole "3D Double D Boobs" thing with the Alexandre Aja remake of Piranha, which is really good news for those of us who just figured out how to spell Inglourious Basterds without looking it up every time. But now comes the news that we're getting a 3D movie about ravenous sharks, too?!

According to Deadline.com, David R. Ellis, the man who brought us MFin' snakes on a MFin' plane (remember that?), is chomping at the bit to bring an audience ravenous for 3D gore Shark Night 3D. The script is being written by Will Hayes (who I really, really hope is also this Will Hayes, who used to write for Best Week Ever, because that would be hilarious) and Jesse Studenberg. (Is this the shark movie Heidi Montag was threatening to make? Because, gosh, that would be super.)

But wait, I'm saving the best for last. Not only was David R. Ellis the second unit director for Deep Blue Sea, but the guy who will be painstakingly crafting these terrifying beasts is Walt Conti, who created the sharks for Deep Blue Sea. And you know who was in Deep Blue Sea and also Snakes on a Plane? Someone who absolutely had the most memorable scene in the former and dominated the latter with his snake-fighting fury? Oh, yes. Samuel L. Jackson. I don't know what could be more perfect than Jackson reuniting with animatronic sharks and David R. Ellis. Please, make it so. It would be the Platonic ideal of shlocky horror hilarity... in 3D! I'm just as skeptical as you when it comes to 3D, but I also sawthe remake of My Bloody Valentine 3D at a 10 AM showing, and I'll be damned if I didn't think a bloody eyeball dangling from the end of a pick-axe wasn't headed straight for me. Fun!
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