They're giving Mickey Rourke's dual-whip-wielding, tougher-than-nails, check-out-my-grill bad guy Ivan Vanko, aka Whiplash a cockatoo in Iron Man 2. Although Marvel has used characters named Whiplash before, this is a new character created specifically for the movie, but with some of the elements of the classic Iron Man Russian baddie The Crimson Dynamo tossed in. I just have no idea why they've decided to give him a pet cockatoo, unless they're trying to make him appear more human. Don't be surprised if he pulls an Ozzy Osbourne on it or something.

A lot of different villains have had pets over the years, and they either seem to be used for evil means, like devouring people, or as comic relief by failing miserably at their jobs. Which camp will Whiplash's cockatoo fall into? We won't know until the movie comes out, but we'll undoubtedly find out exactly why he has a this feathered friend, but if Vanko utters one Russian-laced line about "I know why the caged bird sings," so help me. But this reminded me that there's a long line of cinematic villains who have pets. Read on for our list of five villains who had animals that worked, and five that didn't.
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