Ever think about how cool it would be to see a movie with The Transporter's Frank Martin, No Country for Old Men's Anton Chigurh, and The Wrestler's Randy "The Ram" Robinson all on the screen at once? If you have, you now know how I spend my average afternoon. Unfortunately, my dream will remain unfulfilled, but the next best thing might be happening according to Deadline.com.

The site scored an exclusive scoop on the new film Potsdamer Platz and it appears likely the title will be directed by Tony Scott and may star Jason Statham, Javier Bardem, and Mickey Rourke. Can one screen contain all that awesomeness?

The project, which Scott has discussed making for years, is about a New Jersey-based crime family looking to expand abroad. The script was written by Combat Shock director Buddy Giovinazzo, which adds +1 to the film's cool factor. Rumors had swirled about the potential involvement of Gene Hackman, but that now seems unlikely unless Scott can somehow convince him to put his writing career on hold long enough to shoot a movie.

Lionsgate and Relativity are reportedly interested in the film, but 20th Century Fox has first dibs since Scott is based with them. Word is also circulating that the title will likely change before the film begins production. Potsdamer Platz refers to a commerce center and train station in Germany, but the film's locale has apparently been shifted to Puerto Rico.