-I'm sure someone will dig this Pulp Fiction wallpaper. If so, grab it right here in 1920x1200.

- Vincenzo Natali, whose creature feature Splice will be in theaters this summer, is considering directing either High Rise, a very interesting sci-fi book by J.G. Ballard, or a Swamp Thing film. I'm pulling for the former, if only because it will finally give me a film to pair up with Hellevator.

- Latino Review predicted it a few days ago and now Jan Favreau has confirmed it (via Twitter, of course); Harrison Ford will indeed be in Cowboys and Aliens.

- Kevin Dunn and Julie White, also known as Ron Witwicky and Judy Witwicky, will be returning for Transformers 3, though there's no word on whether or not the pot brownies from part 2 will return. If this information surprises you, I have a rich Nigerian uncle who has left me a huge inheritance, I just need you to...

- Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva, the first animated film based on the beloved puzzle game for the Nintendo DS, will be getting a DVD and Blu-ray release in the Western hemisphere this September. Okay, so it's in England, but hey, I'm sure that won't stop lovers of Layton.
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