As a general rule, I am anti-spoiler. It's a personal choice, and far be it for me to deny anyone the pleasure of a reveal, but there are few things I hate in this world more than someone who gets their kicks by ruining a surprise. Now I assume a certain amount of risk in my line of work, and in most cases I'm not going to get to go into a movie sight unseen -- but brother, sometimes I miss it. So just when I thought I'd lost that feeling forever, along came Christopher Nolan's Inception. Here was a movie that nobody knew anything about, where none of the players involved were talking, and even the trailer left you scratching your head -- I was in anti-spoiler heaven ... unfortunately, it didn't last.

Mysteries can bring out the best and the worst in people; and everybody wants to be the one who figures it out first. But when it comes to the online world, the desire to get the jump on the other guy can occasionally result in information overload. Most of us try and play nice and we use spoiler alerts galore, but then there are some out there who don't, and before you know it the whole damn movie has been ruined thanks to a revealing headline. But it's not just over-anxious bloggers causing all the trouble, because not only do I have to avoid a sea of rumors and reports from 'sources' --now I've got a whole dang marketing campaign that I have to avoid like the plague.

After the jump; when spoilers attack...
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