If you're hoping Hollywood can help you get in the mood for Earth Day this year, you're in luck. April 22 (the 40th anniversary of Earth Day's inception) will mark the theatrical release of Disneynature's 'Oceans', and Twentieth Century Fox is set to unleash 'Avatar''s Blu-ray/DVD edition – even though the mega-hit is still playing in theatres.

Disney figured out there was some green in going "green" on Earth Day last year, when it released the nature doc 'Earth'. The film is narrated by James Earl Jones, and follows the migration paths of four (very cute) animal families. 'Earth' was hugely successful, so Disney is doing it all again this year with 'Oceans.' The beautifully-shot doc will offer audiences a peek at the "playful splendour and harsh reality" of life under the sea.
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